Guidelines at Chemistry

Update 24 January 2022:

At Department of Chemistry, we must continue to check corona passes of all employees and group members. It is important with sharpened focus as passes now only are valid for 5 months after the 2nd shot (after which the 3rd booster shot will extend the validity).

Employees are still asked to report to Peter Hald or Birgitte Lodberg Pedersen in case of infection, and to report illness to Jeanette Dandanell (only for the days, they do not work from home during the isolation).

  • Rest of January: Facemasks must still be used. Work that can be done from home or online should continue in that way. Supervision meetings and group meetings can to a limited degree be held at  Chemistry, if they are placed in large rooms with thorough ventilation and cleaning. Question sessions should be held online, and social events must still be avoided (including receptions after defense / exams).
  • From 01 February: Office work is gradually allowed back at the university, with expected full presence from 21 February. Meetings can be held physically with the usual focus on the recommendations regarding ventilation, cleaning, distance etc.  


Keep the good habits to prevent the spread of infection:

  • Use hand sanitizers, clean surfaces, and remember to ventilate rooms well. Stay at home if you have symptoms of infection.

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