Work Environment Committee

Chairman: Peter Hald

Work Environment Committee, side A:

Work Environment Committee, side B:

Operations Committee

Allan Madsen

Facility Management employee

Birgitte Lodberg Pedersen

Department and Scientific Coordinator

Business Committee

Chairman: Kim Daasbjerg

Kim Daasbjerg is also a member of the iNANO Business Committee

Canteen Committee

Room & Refurbishment Committee

Chairman: Jørgen Skibsted

PhD Committee

Chairman: Henrik Stapelfeldt

Liaison Committee

Chairman: Birgit Schiøtt
Vice-Chairman: Jeanette Dandanell
Secretary: Jacob Serup Ramsay

Liaison Committee, A-side (ledelse):

Liaison Committee, B-side (ansatte):

Liaison Committee, Alternates:

Education Committee

Chairman of the Education Committee and Education Manager of Chemistry: Henrik Birkedal
Education Manager of Medicinal Chemistry: Henrik Helligsø Jensen 
Secretary: Malene Plougmann

The Education Managers have function-related e-mails which are to be used for enquiries:
Chemistry - Henrik Birkedal:
Medicinal Chemistry - Henrik Helligsø Jensen:

Education Committee - Student members

Name Education  Email
Julie Troldtoft Holm         
Hans Christian Dahl Chemistry
Rune W.M. Jensen   Medicinal Chemistry
Sofie Falk Vinther   Medicinal Chemistry

Department of Chemistry Representatives in the Faculty Committees


Peter Hald

PhD Committee:

Henrik Stapelfeldt

PhD Admission Committee:

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen

Faculty Business Committee:    

Kim Daasbjerg

Study Board:

Henrik Birkedal

Academic Council:

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen