Work Environment Committee

Chairman: Karl Anker Jørgensen
Vice Chairman: Thomas Breitenbach
Administration: Lene Conley

Work Environment Committee, side A:

Work Environment Committee, side B:

Operations Committee

IT Committee

Chairman: Frank Jensen

Management Team

Chairman: Karl Anker Jørgensen

Room & Refurbishment Committee

Chairman: Jørgen Skibsted

Jørgen Skibsted

Professor, Deputy Head of Department for Education

Outreach Committee

Chairman: Martin Bremholm

PhD Committee

Chairman: Henrik Stapelfeldt
Secretary: Lene Conley

Liaison Committee (LSU)

Chairman: Karl Anker Jørgensen
Vice-Chairman: Jeanette Dandanell
Secretary: Katrine Mikkelsen


Liaison Committee, A-side (Management):


Liaison Committee, B-side (Staff):


Liaison Committee, Alternates:

Education Committee

Chairman of the Education Committee and Education Manager of Chemistry: Jørgen Skibsted
Education Manager of Medicinal Chemistry: Henrik Helligsø Jensen 
Secretary and observer: Malene Plougmann
Observers: Lene Conley and Student Counsellor Olivia Moe Kempel

The chairman and the education manager of the Education Committee have function-related e-mails which are to be used for enquiries:
Chemistry - Jørgen Skibsted:
Medicinal Chemistry - Henrik Helligsø Jensen:


Jørgen Skibsted

Professor, Deputy Head of Department for Education


Education Committee - Student members, name and education

  • Mikkel Søborg Stær, Medicinial Chemistry
  • Sofie Falk Vinther, Medicinial Chemistry
  • Malene Berg Jacobsen, Chemistry
  • Tommy Rosendahl, Chemistry
  • Mette Lund Jørgensen, Medicinial Chemistry
  • Max Fobian Skov, Medicinial Chemistry
  • Oliver Simmelsgaard, Chemistry

Department of Chemistry representatives in the faculty committees


Peter Hald

PhD Committee:

Henrik Stapelfeldt

PhD Admission Committee:

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen

Faculty Business Committee:    

Kim Daasbjerg

Study Board:

Ove Christiansen

Academic Council:

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen