The safety function of the buildings

  • The buildings of the department are constructed and arranged so that rooms, corridors, doors, windows and the entire ventilating system function together. Thus, they must be used correctly in order to function well
  • The corridors and the stairways (artery, transport route, escape route) should be kept free from apparatus and equipment. If these things are in use they must be placed in laboratories, workshops and offices. If they are not in use they must be placed in the storage room
  • For the sake of optimal function of the ventilating system:
    • doors between corridors and laboratories/workshops/offices and between corridors and stairways must be kept closed. The automatic door closers must not be put out of function
    • windows must be kept closed
    • all fume cupboards must be in use
    • doors to fume cupboards must be pulled down, when the fume cupboard is not used. The doors are allowed to be open, when it is necessary for the work in the cupboard.