Work environment

The purpose of the work environment committee is to ensure that Department of Chemistry is a safe and healthy place to work and study.

This is achieved by actively preventing accidents and long-term injuries, identifying risks before they become dangerous situations and by ensuring that employees and students know their duties and responsibilities and have the required education to minimize the consequences in case of an accident.

Before completing your Bachelor's degree (or before conducting experimental work on your own without direct supervision by a student teacher or a laboratory technician) you must complete the course: "Occupational safety training and fire fighting”.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your work environment group:


The work environment committee at Department of Chemistry:

    or safety supervisor Peter Hald:

    Name Job title Email Phone Building
    Hald, Peter Safety Manager +4529861970 1511, 324

    The defibrillator is located in building 1510 next to the main entrance.

    At the same place you will find a first aid bag and extra eye wash bottles for use during transport to the hospital.