Internal computer systems

On these pages, you can find information about IT and internal computer systems, including:

Click on these links for information about REJSUD (in English) and INDFAK.

Are the systems down?

If there are problems with system operations, you can save time by checking the operating status page to see whether the problem is about to be solved.

You can find an overview of the operating status here:

All the notifications are available here, divided into into ‘Acute events’ (red), ‘Planned changes’ (yellow) and ‘Solved problems’ (green). Each notification is built up the same way to make them more user-friendly.

Under the menu point ‘Subscribe to operating status’, you also have the option of subscribing to notifications that meet your needs.

You can also search for specific notifications by using the options in the four drop down lists and the ‘Free text’ field. When you click on ‘Filter’, a search is made based on the criteria you have chosen. You can also subscribe to the notifications you have chosen by clicking on the RSS icon.