Information, instruction and control

Information to all employees about hazards and security precautions is the first and most crucial step, and the obligation to provide information lies with anyone that has relevant knowledge about security conditions.

  • Every new employee must immediately be made familiar with the department's work environment committee as well as the rules and safety instructions, and soon after the employment be made familiar with the safety equipment. This will happen at the initiative of the work environment group.
  • Every lab team must be instructed in the safety regulations and in the use of the safety equipment on the first day of lab exercises. The instructor of the course is responsible for giving a sufficient safety instruction and for ensuring that the work is carried out safely during the course
  • Every new student writing the MSc thesis and guests that are going to work at the department must be personally instructed by the supervisor about the work group's specific safety problems. The supervisor must ensure that the students are aware of the the safety instructions in general and make sure that the instructions are followed in the daily work
  • Once a year there must be held joint instruction in fire fighting on the request of the work environment committee
  • The sections' work environment groups continually check that the sections' safety equipment is in order and that preventive precautions are met. This can be done in cooperation with people who are appointed for special tasks (inspection of eyewash stations, servicing of first-aid equipment, inspection of traps, etc.). A recommendation from the work environment group to bring safety conditions in order must be complied with. This does not exempt other people from their joint responsibility for the safety. Problems that cannot be solved immediately by the section must be passed on to the safety supervisor