Employee Profile

New user-friendly employee profile - mit.au.dk will be phased out

From now on, if you need to change your profile settings, change your password or check your holiday overview, use your new employee profile. You can access your profile on medarbejdere.au.dk 

Read how to log on here


The instructions below will be deleted when mit.au.dk is phased out:

Mit.au.dk (Self-Service) is accessed through this link:


Upon your employment you must register as a new user at this page, subsequently receiving a password to Mit.au.dk (Self-Service), which you have to change on your first log-on.

MIT.AU.DK (Self-Service) has two possibilities of access.

As a PERSONAL USER (using your Self-service/WAYF login), you will be able to:

  • See your personal home pages
  • Change your access code
  • Enrol for courses
  • Find your examination results
  • Sign up or sign off examinations

As an ADMINISTRATIVE USER (using a special password), you will are able to access the following systems (according to your access level):

  • WebAROS
  • STADS, including eSTADS, iSTADS, SB-support og STADS VIP
  • WebDELFI
  • WebPØS

    Access to administrative systems

    You will need a special password in order to obtain access to the administrative systems.

    Ask the Secretariat for further information.