Instructor tasks

What are the tasks of an instructor?


  • The primary task of an instructor is to prepare and hold TØ/LØ/CØ and correction of reports and assignments. It is the course responsible VIP who is responsible for planning TØ/LØ/CØ i.e. decide which exercises will be used during the course, possibly though discussions with instructors.   
  • The instructors have to register the presence/absence of students at obligatory exercises and register if the students hand in the obligatory assignments/reports. These registrations have to be handed over to the course responsible teacher at the end of the course.
  • The instructors may be required to hold "question hours" for the students
  • Furthermore the instructors will act as sparring partners for the other course instructors and for the course responsible teacher, e.g feed-back on TØ/LØ/CØ and suggestions for improvements.
  • The instructor must be present during the course, and as a general rule must minimize absence due to participation in conferences, field-studies, vacation etc. during the course. However, it is allowed to switch teaching with another instructor when absence cannot be avoided.
  • Absence due to illness: the instructors switch classes mutually or the backfill-instructor must step in. When there is only 1 instructor in the course, a solution is found together with the course responsible teacher. Regarding long-term illness: contact responsible teacher, Lene Conley and GSNS. 
  • Before the start of the course there may be preliminary meetings which the instructor must participate in.
  • Before laboratory exercises it may be necessary to perform the experiments as preparation.

The role of the backfill instructor

If possible one extra instructor (backfill) is allocated for the large first year courses (common chemistry, inorganic chemistry, common chemistry bio/geo, organic chemistry, organic chemistry bio) for both TØ and LØ to assist the course responsible teacher with primarily administrative tasks.

At the preliminary meeting an experienced instructor is chosen for this role, and this backfill instructor has the following tasks:

  • To make a list of contact information (email and phone numbers) of all the instructors, and to note who teaches which class. This class distribution list can be sent to Lene Conley.
  • When an instructor is ill, the backfill must find a substitute, either the backfill or another instructor
  • Schedule the study cafes, who is present when.
  • Be present at study cafe when possible
  • Keep track of hours spent on the backfill tasks
  • To act as a sparring partner for the other instructors, especially new PhD-instructors. This is with regard to correction of assignments/reports and other questions.
  • Feedback to course responsible teacher (i.e. collect relevant information from other instructors)
  • Collect the registers of absence from the other instructors for the course responsible teacher
  • Arrange meetings with the course responsible teacher and the instructors when necessary. It is recommended that every course is ended with a debriefing for course evaluation.