The PhD degree programme must, according to the PhD ministerial order, include teaching activities or an other form of dissemination of knowledge.

In practice this means that the PhD students in Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS) have to teach 280 hours per year.   

If you are a paid PhD-student (PhD fellowship) the teaching salary is included in your salary according to your contract of employment.

If you are PhD-student on SU (PhD scholarship) you are employed in a temporary teaching position and is paid accordingly.

At Department of Chemistry you participate in the teaching of the students by carrying out theoretical, laboratory, and computer exercises as well as study café (TØ, LØ, CØ and SC).

At Department of Chemistry, the teaching allocation is managed by Lene Conley in co-operation with the PhD administrator at iNANO. 

When it is time to plan the coming semester you will be contacted by e-mail and you will receive instructions of how to indicate your prioritized course wishes.

You are always welcome to contact Lene Conley with questions or comments.

Rules about switching of assigned teaching

It is of course allowed to switch class with another qualified instructor if you can make a better agreement than the given.

Such a permanent switch of classes must of course be agreed upon by the responsible VIP (or backfill  instructor), and Lene Conley must be informed.

Regarding temporary switch of class due to sickness, travels etc. it is sufficient to make an agreement with other instructors and inform the responsible lecturer. Remember to inform the laboratory technician also, if it is a laboratory class.