Hirings and extensions

New workflow for HR

As of 1st November 2018, all new hirings and extensions must start at the department instead of at HR.

This means that the first contact and relevant material/information must be sent to Jeanette Dandanell instead of HR.

HR will still be available with advice, once the process has been initiated at the department.

As VIP, which data must you collect to start the hiring process?


Choose the relevant category, fill in the required information, and send it by mail to Jeanette Dandanell.


Workflow process for hirings and extensions

Please note!

Remember to get the approval from your project economist before starting the HR proces.

And remember: The proces takes time!

Processing time (indicative) October 2018

Process time info

Need advice from HR?

Find your HR partner team:


Nat-Tech HR Team1 Function mail: Nat-Tech.HR.team1@au.dk