Mechanical workshop

Welcome at the Department of Chemistry Mechanical workshop

At the time being, an instrument maker is employed full-time at the Mechanical workshop, developing and constructing scientific equipment in close co-operation with researchers and students.

At the Mechanical workshop, we are able to treat and process a wide range of different material types (metals, plastics, and ceramics).

Among other equipment, our machinery comprises lathes, milling cutters, sanders, CNC machine, welding equipment, and surface treatment equipment (nickel-plating and anodizing).

Also, we repair and maintain the diaphragm pumps and oil pumps.

For further information and advising on how to implement your visions, contact:

  • Erik Ejler Pedersen – 2174 4979

You can download the worksheet form here

Photos regarding Mechanical Workshop

  • Equipment at the Mechanical Workshop
  • Project from the Mechanical Workshop