The condition of salary payments is that you have a NEM account in your bank. For salaried employees, the payment will be paid backwards at the last bank day of each month. Time rate will be paid backwards in the middle of the month. 

Pay slip

Your pay slip will be sent to your e-boks which you can log on either through your bank, with Digital Signature, or NemID.

If you don't have netbank, Digital Signature, or NemID we recommend that you get NemID.

You can read more about NemID and order it for free at

Find you salary practitioner

Salaried employees shall contact Nat-Tech HR if they have questions about payment of wages.

Contact people at Nat-Tech HR:

Employees paid by the hour, public servants and PhD students must contact the central wage administration in Nat-Tech HR.

Contact people at Nat-Tech HR:

 Further information about salary and conditions of employment can be found at AU-HR web pages.