Guidelines to external staff

Guidelines to external staff-links

Duty personal at Department of Chemistry

When you move in a laboratorium you have to treat everything as if it was dangerous. Therefore:


Anyway if anything breaks leave it. As a main rule inform in stead one of the laboratories' own staff. The broken, how inconsiderable it might looks, it can be dangerous or be a result of many days work. A knowledgeable person maybe can save some - but on the other hand, if you start to collect everything there is a chance that everything will be lost.    

If a bottle breaks and the content runs out, you have to leave the laboratory immediately. You are NOT allowed to start wiping it up, because the content can be corrosive or toxic. AND if you get anything on you, then after leaving the laboratory, flush it with a lot of water. Afterwards, contact a knowledgeable person, who can decide what to do further.     

If you observe anything which seems strange and makes you feel insecure, for instance strange smells, sounds or smoke - you have to immediately leave the room and contact a knowledgeable person, who can decide if it is dangerous or not. Remember that the working environment representative is there for you and they have to solve problems for you.


It is better to ask one time too often, than to avoid asking!!


Remember by accidents:

Don't touch anything, but leave the room

Flush with a lot of water, if you got anything on you

Contact the laboratory staff

Duty staff at Department of Chemistry


Name Phone number
Within normal work hours:
Facility Manager Ove Fjordside 2899 2013
Daily head of Safety Peter Hald 29861970
Alternative, technicians:
Allan Madsen 2899 2015
Ove Brandt 2899 2016
Benny Sørensen 2899 2014
Steven Pedersen 6020 2758
Rene Nielsen 2899 2485
Niels Christensen 2899 2018
Peter Kithler 2899 3863
Glen Larsen 2899 2008
supervision assistant:
Anita Holme 2899 2019
Without normal work hours:
Dansikring, only about access control
AU manned 24 hours a day alarm number 8715 1617

General demand

The employer must secure that employees from non-AU companies, who perform work for the company, will get a appropriate instruction about safety and health conditions related to their work (§20 in the Danish Working Environment Service declaration from 17 June 2004 about work performance).   

Thus, the Department of Chemistry is obliged to give external workmen instructions, so that they can work and walk around at Department of Chemistry obliging to rules and regulations. This duty is a supplement to the normal duty to instruct own employees for a completely correct work process.

Department of Chemistry has to inform about contact persons in the building with name and phone number.

When working in the buildings of Department of Chemistry, workmen will often disturb the Department's other employees. To the internal employees it does not matter if a workman comes from a external company or from "Teknisk Forvaltning" - they are all to be considered strangers and the issues are the same: Insufficient info, annoyment and/or problems. Be aware that even extremely short leaks or breach in electricity or water supply can have extreme consequences.     


Demand to workmen and instruction about risk

  • Department of Chemistry seeks a high work environment level. The department of Chemistry therefore requires that external companies show intentions and ability to maintain present work environment roles at the Dept. of Chemistry. If a company employee breaks recommendation/legislation, this will be pointed out to the company. If this is repeated, the company concerned will not be used in the future at Department of Chemistry.
  • Technological Administration inform the workmen's company about possible risks and specific risks. For instance prevalence of asbestos. This will take place when the assignment is ordered.  
  • The workmen's company must contact the Department management or the structural responsible before the work begins. When this happens you need to discuss and agree the frame of the work. Among others:
  • The Department management/the structural responsible note the essence of the agreement and circulate this by mail to other employees in the building. By doing so we make sure that employees in the planning can take into account, a coming work and possible disturbances caused by this. Moreover complaints on insufficient information can be avoided. E-mail is sent in copy to the project manager.