• Room ventilation in the buildings ensures a comfortable and healthy  indoor climate.
  • The energy from the extracted air is recycled in the ventilation system, and finally the air, which is led into the room, is heated to the required temperature using central heating water.
  • The fresh air, which is led into the laboratories of the buildings, is filtered of particles as well.
  • Separation of 0.3 my is ca. 50 %
  • Separation of 0.5 my is ca. 60 %
  • Separation of 0.7 my is ca. 75%
  • Separation of 1.0 my is ca. 85 %
  • Separation of 2.0 my is ca. 97 %


  • The ventilation system exchanges the air in the laboratories approx. 10 times an hour.
  • Also, ventilation is installed in larger offices and teaching rooms.
  • The ventilation will switch on in the teaching rooms when people are present in the rooms.
  • In order to reduce the energy costs at the University, the ventilation in the teaching laboratories is shut down during holidays and non-use periods.
  • If you need ventilation in the teaching laboratories outside the closing periods, you'll find operating buttons for ”extended operation” in the hallways. Pushing the button will activate the ventilation system for a shorter period of time.
  • Cupboards for chemicals in the building have separate suction and are running constantly 24/7 including closing periods, when the ventilation system is shut down.
  • Ventilation in research laboratories is constantly running.


  • Users of the ventilation system need not do anything active, apart from when ventilation is needed during closing periods. For this, use the operating buttons ”extended operation” in the hallways.

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • Opening the windows in the rooms will disturb the balance between inflow and extraction, so opening of the windows should be avoided while working in the laboratories.
  • In case the main ventilation system has shut down due to faults, this is indicated on the fume hoods giving error signals (sound and visual) for lack of flow.

In case of operational problems:

Send an e-mail to Building Service:
or call the contact persons.


Allan Madsen - mobile 2899 2015
John Mahler - mobile 2446 4735