• The vacuum system consists of central vacuum pumps and a pipe system for distributing the vacuum. 
  • The system replaces local vacuum pumps for some applications, thus saving space and reducing noise in the laboratories.


  • The vacuum in the system is between 8 and 22 millibar, (33/liters per minute per valve), and thus it can replace membrane pumps and water jet pumps.
  • If you need a stronger vacuum, you still need to use oil or scroll pumps able to deliver vacuum above 0.05 millibar.
  • Typical applications are suction filtration and rotary evaporators.
  • The system is switched on Monday till Friday from 08:00-20:00. It is closed down during weekends.


  • The setup is connected to the fitting, and the valve is opened.
  • If there is any risk that fluids may be sucked into the vacuum system, you have to use a safety flask on the hose.

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • The vacuum pumps and the piping are chemical resistant, but it is NOT allowed to use the system to dispose of hazardous substances or liquids.
  • As several people will share the same vacuum, you must remember to close the valve as soon as the suction filtration is complete.

In case of operational problems:

Send an e-mail to Building Service:
or call the contact persons.


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