Pressurized gas


  • Pressurized gas is installed in building 1513.
  • The gas is of common commercial quality and delivered from 2 cylinder setups in building 1515.


  • The gas is delivered with 30 millibar and is used for heating.
  • The gas is primarily used in the teaching laboratories.
  • The glassblower shop in 1513-122 has its own cylinder setup, delivering 50 millibar.


  • In rooms with gas setups, a control box is installed, and when the gas is activated, the pipes of the laboratory are tested for leaks (duration approx. one minute), and afterwards the gas is on for 12 hours or until the gas is turned off at the control box.
  • The display on the box shows how much time is left.
  • In emergency cases, the gas can be turned off using the emergency buttons in the room.

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • The leak test will register all types of leaks.
  • A low burner or a bunsen burner will be enough to make the leak test fail, thus shutting down the gas. Thus, you should start by checking that all gas valves are closed.
  • If an emergency stop has been activated, then you have to reset the stop again. This is done by turning the button in the direction of the arrow. Afterwards, you can restart the gas from the control box.
  • It is very important to check that gas hoses and connections are in good connection, before they are put into service.

In case of operational problems:

Send an e-mail to Building Service:
or call the contact persons.


Allan Madsen - mobile 2899 2015
John Mahler - mobile 2446 4735