Nitrogen N2


  • Gaseous nitrogen is mounted in pipes in the buildings, being supplied from the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, building 1523.


  • The purity is 5.0 (99.999%).
  • The pressure in the pipes is 7.5 bar.


  • Nitrogen is used as an inert gas.
  • A stop valve is used to open and shut off the gas.
  • A reduction valve is used to control the pressure.
  • A needle valve is used to control the flow.
  • Stop valve, reduction valve, and needle valve are often assembled in one:

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • It is very important to use the valves correctly.
  • If you have to lead gas bubbles through a setup, the pressure is to be set at f.inst. 1 bar using the reduction valve, and the needle valve is used to regulate to a suitable flow.
  • If gas is added to a closed container, the pressure in the container will over time increase up to the setting of the reduction valve, no matter how low a flow is set using the needle valve. This can blow up your glass equipment or hoses, or shoot off plugs or septae.
  • Remember to use a bubbler or a balloon in order to protect the setup against excess pressure.

In case of operational problems:

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