Invoice handling - IndFak

Danish suppliers
All invoices from Danish suppliers must be sent electronically to AU with reference to the eleven-figure requisition number, constructed of your project + activity number (e.g. 90433983140) and the name of the orderer.

The orderer will be notified by email from AU Accounts that an invoice has arrived in IndFak for approval. Remember to select the correct project controller ("disponent") when you approve the invoice.

Invoices from abroad
On deliveries from abroad the delivery and the invoice addresses must be the same.

The delivery and invoice addresses must be given as: Aarhus University, Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, DK-8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK. The VAT number must be included in the invoice text, otherwise the invoice cannot be processed at Finances. 

If you receive a printed foreign invoice, please scan and email it to stating project No., activity No and orderer name/approver in IndFak.

The subject field must read ”NAT/Kemi”. You will then receive the invoice for approval in IndFak.

EAN and VAT Numbers

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