The shop


Through the Chemicals Shop, situated in 1513-112, chemicals and lab-ware can be purchased.


Email templates have been developed asking for the minimal amount of information required for the order. You need to use Outlook on a Windows computer to use the templates. Your email signature will be embedded in the bottom of the email automatically. If you are having trouble with the template, download it to your PC and open it from there.

Ordering is simple. Send an email using the template below to either or depending on the delivery address.

NB: The template cannot be opened in Windows Explorer, please use Edge or Firefox 

If there is trouble opening the templates, please use these PDF files instead: 

When ordering, you will get a mail about order confirmation and delivery. When you receive your order, please make sure everything is okay, otherwise contact the Chemistry Shop asap.

Students and postdocs can also use the Chemistry Shop if they have an account string for the payment. Purchases exceeding DKK 2000,- must be approved by the supervisor.


The lab technicians at the shop will help ordering and register chemicals in KIROS for your convenience.


Any questions are to be mailed directly to the joint mailbox of the Laboratory Technicians:

Laboratory Technicians