Hot and Cold water ("taps")


  • The system delivers normal cold and hot water, as known from households.
  • Do not drink water from laboratories, since there is risk of contamination.
  • Water consumption outside of working hours is monitored in order to prevent water damage.
  • Water damage is very expensive and will often cause loss of data and faulty equipment.


  • Cold and hot water for washing and cleaning.
  • Unlimited use of water during work hours, which are defined as:
    Monday till Thursday: 05:00-22:00
    Friday: 05:00-02:00
    Saturday and Sunday: 08:00-20:00
  • Outside ”working hours”, a leak monitoring unit will close off the water, if more than 40 liters of water are being used within 15 minutes.
  • Apart from this, hot water is limited as follows:
    Monday till Friday: 05:00-16:00
    Saturday and Sunday: Closed
  • If you have to use hot water outside the "open" periods, you can get 3 hours of hot water by pushing the green button at the wall at the heating station (in the cellar under building 1510).


  • The system delivers water for normal use.

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • ”No hot water is coming from the tap?”
    Outside ”working hours”? Use the green button for ”prolonged operation”.
  • If you are using tap water for cooling, this will be registered as a leak during nighttime, and the water will be closed off!

In case of operational problems:

Send an e-mail to Building Service:


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