Demineralized water


  • Demineralized water is installed in most of the laboratories.
  • It is produced in a central ion exchange system in the basement of building 1513.


  • Demineralized water is used in chemical processes as a water source, in "MiliQ" systems, in ultrasound baths and water baths and for cleaning.
  • The water is cleaned with a conductivity of 2,5 µs and by UV light exposing against bacteria.
  • Demineralized water can be used without limits from Monday till Friday between 06:00 and 18:00. At all other times, the demineralized water is monitored and will be closed down if the consumption exceeds 15 liters within 10 minutes


  • Demineralized water is tapped from ”the third tap” at the sinks.
  • Use demineralized water with care: 4 liters of tap water is used to produce 1 liter of demineralized water. 

FAQ/Typical errors:

  • If there is no water, it is probably due to the fact that water has been used outside normal opening hours or because of a leak - in both cases, contact Building Service.
  • If you have cleaned something with soap, it will be a very lengthy process to rinse off the soap using demineralized water. You can save time by rinsing off the soap with normal water and then rinse off the normal water with demineralized water.
  • It is not true that drinking of demineralized water is dangerous. But: for safety reasons, never drink any water from laboratories.

In case of operational problems:

Send an e-mail to Building Service:
or call the contact persons.


Allan Madsen - mobile 2899 2015
John Mahler - mobile 2446 4735