Travel and expense settlement (REJSUD)

Travel settlement system REJSUD

REJSUD is AU's new settlement system of travel and expense (replacing AURUS on 21st August 2018).

Log in here: (REJSUD and INDFAK are accessed on the same page, thus the name of the login page)

General information about REJSUD / FAQ

Here you will find general information on REJSUD - login, guidelines, user profile, FAQ etc.:

Set up in REJSUD

If you have no REJSUD account, please contact the group's administration employee in the Secretariat.

The form for an account in AURUS is found here:

The form must be sent in by the group's administration employee and you will receive an e-mail with username and password for the system.

Adjustment of rates for business travels 2019

Adjustment of rates for business travels as of 1 January 2019 is found here:

Statement of Truth

Below please find link to Statement of Truth, which is to be filled in and included with your travel reimbursement claim if any voucher has been lost or if it is deemed impossible to retrieve it:

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