MIT.AU.DK (Self-Service) (Self-Service) is accessed through this link:

Upon your employment you must register as a new user at this page, subsequently receiving a password to (Self-Service), which you have to change on your first log-on.

MIT.AU.DK (Self-Service) has two possibilities of access.

As a PERSONAL USER (using your Self-service/WAYF login), you will be able to:

  • See your personal home pages
  • Change your access code
  • Enrol for courses
  • Find your examination results
  • Sign up or sign off examinations

As an ADMINISTRATIVE USER (using a special password), you will are able to access the following systems (according to your access level):

  • WebAROS
  • STADS, including eSTADS, iSTADS, SB-support og STADS VIP
  • WebDELFI
  • WebPØS

    Access to administrative systems

    You will need a special password in order to obtain access to the administrative systems.

    Ask the Secretariat for further information.