Access cards and office keys

Office key lending for offices at Dept. of Chemistry

Office key lending is handled by the Information Office at the Department of Chemistry.

Everyone except permanent staff must pay a key deposit (DKK 250) for office key lending. Permanent staff must fill in a special key form at the Informations Office (1520-211).

The key deposit is to be paid through below webshop, and afterwards you can pick up the key at the Information Office (1510-211) between 09:00-13:00.

When picking up the key, you must bring the mail receipt you receive after paying the deposit.

Key webshop

Returning the key is solely the responsibility of the person who is registered as paying the deposit. If the key is not returned, the deposit will not be refunded.

Conditions for key lending against deposit

  • The key is strictly personal and it is not allowed to lend it to others
  • The key holder can and will be held responsible in case of misuse
  • If the key is lost, please inform the Information Office immediately
  • The key mus be returned immediately after finishing your study / after ending your temporary employment



How do I find my AU ID?

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