Building 1513



Status on the refurbishment the 4 October 2013

The big renovation-puzzle of building 1513 is now concretised and all parties have been informed.

The 1 November begins the demolition on the first and second floor in building 1513. The 1 January 2014 begins the demolition of the remaining floors of building 1513.

That means …

  • The Engineering Workshop is moving to Physics at the start of October.
  • The Glassblower Workshop is moving to a pavilion behind building 1515 around 1 October.
  • Karl Erik Holst and Marianne Loftager is moved to “Barak 12”.
  • The goods reception and gas cylinder is being abolished.
  • Niels Jørgen and Allan Madsen are moving to room 1511-216 “Musehullet”, where also Eigil Hald will get office space.
  • Karl Georgsen and the Electronic Workshop is moved to 1514-115.
  • The old library is made into a new conference room instead of the ”Musehullet”. All reservations are still valid.
  • 1514-117 is made into studying workplaces
  • The lunch reservations for employees at 12-13 o’clock in 1511-216 is moved to 1511-220
  • Merete Bilde is moving to Physics


Gas cylinder and dry ice

We are getting a freight container to storage of gas cylinders etc. which today is placed in building 1513. The freight container will be placed in the area behind the canteen/building 1515, where today other freight containers are placed.

The dry ice will be moved to building 1515 (towards the University Park). We will put up posters on the doors.

The goods reception

The goods reception will be split up in two between building 1515 and the Information Office. Smaller package and letters is delivered on the Information Office, while bigger package and chemicals/dangerous goods are delivered in building 1515. All with access to the Department of Chemistry can use their access card to get access to the room. So there will still be the same self-service just with more security.

The carriers will not have access to the goods reception so they have to call us before they arrive at the department. It is then Niels Jørgen Hansen’s who will sign for the goods.

There will be more information in the near future.

Reduced service at the Engineering Shop

In the making of building 1513, the Engineering Shop will be placed at Physics Engineering Shop. The actual moving will happen between 14 October and 30 October. But already now the Engineering Shop is preparing for the move. That means:

  • We will not be taking any new orders before moving. Those we have will be made.
  • The Engineering Shop will be closed between 21 October and 30 October.
  • You have to call the Engineering Shop for a meeting to discuss new orders. This is to avoid too much traffic on Physics.

The Engineering Shop can be contacted on these phone numbers:

  • Eigil – 2174 5462
  • Erik – 2174 4979
  • Esben – 2174 4713