Book Grant

Book Grant Application


Grants from the Professor Hakon Lund and Associate Professor Hans Rasmussen and Wife's Fund are for the benefit of chemistry students at the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University.

Grants are only given to chemistry students with supervisors that are employed at the Department of Chemistry in in connection with experimental work abroad, participating in international congresses or alike work for graduate and doctoral students.

  • As the grant is paid unto your personal NEM account, it is a problem to seek support for expenses that are temporarily paid by from your supervisor's project account. You cannot transfer money to the AU project accounts. Therefore, make sure to cover the expenses, for which you have gotten a grant, yourself.

The following forms must be filled out when applying for the book grant:

The application form is completed, printed, signed and scanned (pdf) and then sent to Kim Daasbjerg by email with subject: Hakon Lund