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Human Resources at Aarhus University

Human Resources at Aarhus Universitet - AU HR - handle the multiple aspects associated with recruiting and supporting the dedicated and active workforce of qualified and motivated scientists and staff members at the university.

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On these pages you will find information as to e.g. recruitment and employment/resignation, working hours and absence, human resource development and working environment, current rules and regulations as well as the Aarhus University staff policy.

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Staff policy
Outline of working hours rules

HR-center Science - our AU HR point of entry

At the Department of Chemistry, the AU HR is represented by HR partner Charlotte Illum Nielsen who is in charge of handling enquiries from the institute regarding hirings and resignations, human resource development and conflict solution as well as management advising, and by HR supporter Lis Helleberg, who - apart from being our local capacity regarding tax questions (SKAT) - secures the necessary paper work and document flow etc.

Local HR pages:

Advertised appointments

You will finde processes related to advertised appointments here:

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