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Access cards and office keys

Application for office key

The application form for office keys for the Department of Chemistry must be delivered to the Information Office (1510-211).

Download the application form here

You can pick up your key at the Information Office after 5 working days.

Application for access to Department of Chemistry

How to order: ST Employee card (Employees, Academic staff, Technical staff, Postdocs)
How to order: Student ID card (students, PhD students)

When you receive the card it is not activated yet, please follow the link below and fill out the application.

Application for activation/reactivation access cards/student cards is made through the application system:

Remember to fill out all fields and to upload documentation for special access.

NB: please enter a valid email address as you will receive notifications from the system one month prior to the expiration date

From the Department of Chemistry we can only grant access to the buildings of the Department of Chemistry. Contact other relevant departments for acces to other buildings.

Contact the Information Office at in case of questions regarding the application system.

SPECIAL ACCESS - required documentation

Access to rooms listed below requires special approval by the responsible person listed. Fill in form, scan and attach to your online application in the system.

  • Chemical storage (1. kemilager): only upon approval by supervisor and passed course in Occupational Safety Training (scan of both must be attached, preferably as one file) - download form
  • Ethanol storage (2. kemilager): only upon approval by Jens W. Clausen  - download form
  • Door to basement at Dept. of Physics: only upon approval by Jan Thøgersen or Henrik Stapelfeldt  - download form
  • Laser-lab: only upon approval by Jan Thøgersen or Henrik Stapelfeldt  - download form
  • NMR-lab at Chemistry: only upon approval by Morten Bjerring  - download form
  • Alkymia: only upon approval by Jens W. Clausen - download form

If you have not attached the required documentation your application will be rejcted.

No other special access can be granted via the system.  

PhD students and postdocs not educated from Department of Chemistry, AU must a.s.a.p. contact Safety Supervisor Peter Hald to be approved for access or signed up for the compulsory ”Occupational safety training” course.



How do I find my AU ID?

For students For employees

Log on

Go to

Click on ”Personal information”

Search your name

Your AU ID is below your CPR number      

Your AU ID is to the far left

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