Who must report holidays

All monthly paid employees at Department of Chemistry (i.e. VIP, TAP, PhD, ordinarily and externally financed) must inform the department of holidays and absence (illness etc.).


It is the individual employees responsibility to ensure that absence/holidays are registered and held within the given holiday year.
You cannot register your absence and holidays in the system yourself. All registrations must be made through Jeanette Dandanell.
All absence must be listed in your OUTLOOK calendar.


The holiday year runs from May 1 to April 30th the following year. However, the earning of paid holidays follows the calendar year. Special rules apply for employees who have signed up for the concurrent holiday scheme.

Every year in February you must fill in the holiday form about the distribution of your 25 days of holiday and your 5 special holidays to be taken during the coming holiday year and return it to the department. As a general rule 3 weeks (at least) must be taken during the main holiday period (May 1st - Sept. 30th).

Should changes be necessary, the dates reported on the form can be changed prior to the starting date of the already registered holiday and the actual holiday.

If you fail to return the form, or if the form is only partly filled in, you will be registered with full or part standard holidays for both ordinary and special holidays (see this year's dates in the "Guidelines for holiday leave" below).

For temporary employees - including PhD students - accrued holiday equivalent to the standard holiday for the given period, and all special holidays must be held within the period of employment. All holidays must be approved by the head of your group and/or the Head of Department.

Employees with concurrent holiday must take all holidays before the end of their contract.

NB! Special holidays must be held and will not be paid out, unless you have the consent of the Head of department or the head of your group, or are legally hindered (due to maternity leave, long-term illness etc.).

Guidelines for holiday leave

Holiday form 2019-20

Check your holiday overview at

Changes to reported holidays

Changes to already registered holidays must be approved by your immediate superior and must be reported prior to the starting date of the already registered holiday and the actual Holiday by email to Jeanette Dandanell, stating cpr no. and which dates to be registered/cancelled.

Further information about rules for holidays are available here: AU HR

Questions may be directed to Jeanette Dandanell or Jacob Søndergaard Ramsay.

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