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ChemDraw, ChemBioOffice etc.

NB: ChemDraw/ChemOffice license expired April 30, 2017

This is how to get the new serial number:

a) For registered users:

Go to:

Fill in the login and password fields.

Afterwards choose "My downloads" in order to get an overview of the expiry date, serial number (PC and Mac) and the registration code (only for Mac) of the version installed.

b) If you are not registered:

To download and use the software for ChemBioOffice Ultra you must be registered as a user at the Department of Chemistry with a mail account under the domain:

This e-mail address you can use to register with Perkin Elmer / Cambridgesoft:

(In the field "Organization" please type: Aarhus University)

Afterwards, go to "Download page" and check if there is already a serial number and product registered. If this is not the case, go to "My Site Subscription" and download the latest version, but please see also information about known issues with Mac and ChemOffice 16/16.1 further down on this page.

c) If you do not have a mail account under above domains:

If you are a student and do not have one of these domains, then contact and we will see to it that you get a e-mail adress. Send us an e-mail from your AU-mail (due to verification issues - otherwise you won't get any response) with the following informations: 

  • Student registration number 
  • Name of the class you study at Department of Chemistry 


Please note that downloading and installing the software may be a lengthy process.

Problem with newer Mac-OS versions

Even when it is reported on the Webpage and in the forums that the version 16.0.1 is working with MacOS 10.12.x, there's often the experience that it is slowing down the Mac and issues with print, saving etc. are reported.
Here is a comment on that directly from PerkinElmer –informatics:
"There seems to be a compatibility issue with newer models of MacBook.  The issue seems to occur specifically on machines equipped with an Intel Iris video controller, but we have also seen a couple of cases with different adapters.
Our developers are already aware of the situation and we hope to have the issue corrected in a future release of the software.
So far the only workaround seems to be, in those cases, to set the zoom level to 75%, but this option is not very comfortable to work with in some cases.
The second alternative for site license customers is to install version 15.1 instead.."

If you already have installed the ver. 16.0.1, then you should uninstall it and get the version 15.1 here:

Please write to Thomas Breitenbach (  to get the serial and the registration number.




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