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ChemDraw, ChemBioOffice etc.

ChemDrawOffice Professional 17.0

A new version of ChemOffice is available (Ver. 17.0)

PerkinElmer / Cambridgesoft introduced with that a new method to register/ keep license updated. That is happening via online registering in ’flexera’.

Follow this guide (updated 6 February, 2018) to register/install.

PerkinElmer is confirming that all problems with Mac-computers are solved, therefore it should be easy to update to 17.0.

Version 16 or 15 can still be used, it’s not mandatory to update.

In case of any other problems, please contact Thomas Breitenbach (

To download and use the software for ChemBioOffice Ultra you must be registered as a user at the Department of Chemistry with a mail account under the domain:


If you are a student and do not have one of these domains, then contact and we will see to it that you get a e-mail address. Send us an e-mail from your e-mail (due to verification issues - otherwise you won't get any response) with the following informations: 

  • Student registration number 
  • Name of the class you study at Department of Chemistry 


Please note that downloading and installing the software may be a lengthy process.

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