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ChemDraw, ChemBioOffice etc.

Upgrading of Chem Office to version 15.1

How-to: Chem Office 15.1 - Installation and details

(instructions prepared by Thomas Breitenbach July 2016)



ChemBioOffice Ultra

The program package contains ChemBioDraw, ChemBio3D, ChemBioFinder, ChemScript and other programs.


Link for registration:

In the field "Organization" please type: Aarhus University

After registration you will recieve an E-mail containing license code and link for downloading of the program.


Link for login:


Link for downloading of ChemBioOffice Ultra

Downloading and installing the software may be a lengthy process.

Please note:

To download and use the software for ChemBioOffice Ultra you must be registered as a user at the Department of Chemistry with a mail account under the domain:


If you are a student and do not have one of these domains, then contact Jens Wejlby Clausen and he will see to you get a e-mail adress. Send Jens an e-mail (from your AU-mail - because of verification - or else you won't get any respond) with following informations: 

  • Student registration number 
  • Name of the class you study at Department of Chemistry