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Local news

CADIAC on the front cover of Organometallics

2017.06.16The cover art illustrates the subtle, but colorful, Aarhus City skyline.

ST summer party for employees 25 August

2017.06.15for PhD students, postdocs and other employees at Science and Technology. Register now - deadline is 23 June

Tobias Weidner and collaborators publish in Angewandte Chemie

2017.06.22The article describes how diatoms use proteins to build their cell walls out of nanostructured glass.

Service window 4-9 July 2017

2017.06.14From 4-9 July 2017 AU Blackboard (AR/HE/ST) and BSS Blackboard will move to one common Blackboard.

Deadlines for new contracts to ST-HR this summer

2017.05.31As the summer holidays are approaching, HR-ST would like to be informed of any employments/extensions starting August 1 as soon as possible to be able to process the "case" prior to the holidays.

Personalised study portal in the pipeline

2017.05.08As part of AU’s work with digitisation, students can now look forward to a new and personalised study portal that brings together all the university’s digital entry points for students in one place.

Summer University: New website helps teachers

2017.05.08All information about the Summer University can now be found on a single website (partly in English) which contains relevant information for departments, current AU teaching staff and international guest lecturers.

The Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen Award for Scientific Research is conferred on May 24, 2017

2017.05.08Each year, the award is conferred on two researchers who have achieved the highest level of academic distinction and national as well as international recognition during their noteworthy careers. Read more and register (in Danish). Registration deadline is May 19, 2017.

Local events

Mon 26 Jun
13:00-15:00 | 1514-213, Aud. I, Institut for Kemi, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
Master Thesis Defence: Sara Basse (Supervisor: Poul Nissen)
Crystallization of Listeria monocytogenes Ca2+-ATPase Guided by Single Molecule FRET & Towards Determining the Role of FERM Domain-Containing 7 in Retinal Direction-Selecetivity
Tue 27 Jun
10:15-12:15 | Aud VI (1510-213), Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
Master Thesis Defence: Raghu Tomar (Supervisor: Henrik Stapelfeldt)
Tomographic reconstruction of molecular frame 3-dimensional photoelectron momentum distributions from strong-field ionization of aligned molecules
Thu 29 Jun
13:15-15:15 | 1514-213, Aud I, Dept. of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
Qualifying exam: Søren Lykke Pedersen (supervisor: Alexander Zelikin)
Remote Triggered Heat Generation for Material Degradation
Fri 30 Jun
10:00-12:00 | 1514-213, Aud. I, Institut for Kemi, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
Master Thesis Defence: Solveig Kjeldgaard (Supervisor: Bo Brummerstedt Iversen)
Structural and electrochemical investigation of battery materials
Fri 30 Jun
14:00-16:00 | 1514-213, Aud I, Dept. of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
Qualifying exam: Sanna Sommer (supervisor: Bo Brummerstedt Iversen)
Formation and Growth of Nanoparticles by Multitechnique Studies
Tue 11 Jul
13:15-15:30 | 1593-012, Auditorium, iNANO, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD defence: Steinar Birgisson (supervisor: Bo Brummerstedt Iversen)
Real time observations of materials chemistry in batteries
Mon 28 Aug
09:00-11:00 | Aarhus University, Meeting Room 2, Conference Center Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4 8000 Aarhus C
Information meeting about DFF
Join the meeting with the Danish Council for Independent Research. The meeting is about the upcoming calls in autumn 2017/spring 2018. The meeting will be in English.

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